Big Fun for the Little Ones

It’s simple: toddlers like to stay busy and we like to keep them happy.

Our Toddler Zone gives little ones the chance to create their own special adventures as they crawl, run, and explore a play area that’s made just for them. And even though it will all just seem like fun to them, they’ll also further develop motor and social skills along the way. Are there older kids in your family too? No problem. The Toddler Zone offers views of Jack’s Playground so you can keep an eye on all the action.

More About Our Toddler Zone

Our Toddler Zone is intended for children who can crawl or walk, up to age 2, and their parents or guardians. To ensure great, safe experiences for our littlest guests, older children (including siblings) are not allowed in the Toddler Zone. Like Jack’s Playground, the Toddler Zone is always open to the public during our business hours.

Walk-in Pricing

Adults are FREE!

Toddlers (crawlers through age 2) - $5 Every Day

Kids 3 and Up - $10 Weekdays & $12 Friday Nights & Weekends

10-Visit Multiplay Punch Pass - $60 (save up to $4 per child!)  Toddlers are 1/2 a punch.

25-Visit Multiplay Punch Pass - $125 (save up to 50%!)   Toddlers are 1/2 a punch.

Gift Cards Available!

Multiplay punch passes are the perfect money saving solution for repeat guests and those with multiple children.  They do not expire and may be used by multiple kids.  For example, a 10-visit card could be used for one child 10 times or 10 children one time, or any variation inbetween. They may be used anytime, 7 days a week.  Trade in your completed punch pass for $10 off your next one!